Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 60

Wow can't believe I have been on Gaps for 60 days today! I have finally taken off the 3 pounds that I I am at 10 down! Looking for more to come off...

It has been a strange month, I think my hormones are really crazy right now (with my weight and cycles), but I am going to keep doing Gaps! I am assuming the 4 miscarriages I have had the last 4 years have not helped. I feel good for the most part (except when detoxing...and then tired with headache but not bad). I know it takes a while for the gut to heal....

I just heard about a farmer where I can buy grass-fed beef locally...I need to get the details which I am hoping to do today...can NOT wait!!! WooHoo! I am excited!

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